Monday, February 16, 2009

There will be references

It takes blood, machismo, and a bit of a snarl. Then you have a movie catchphrase that men can rally around. The title of the 2007 Oscar-winning movie "There Will Be Blood" is turning out to be the "Say hello to my little friend" of this decade.

This newish favorite macho-meme assigns a hardcore intensity and cruel severity reminiscent of the ruthless main character, oilman Daniel Plainview, portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis.

Let's take a look at some recent usage just in the New York Times:

Straight usage:

"There Will Be Blood" Maureen Dowd on nomination battles between Clinton and Obama (Feb 2008)
"There Will Be Blood" Steven Davidoff on ominous signs of an impending financial meltdown (Sept 2008)
"There Will Be Blood" Nicholas Kristoff on the ongoing armed conflict in Sudan (Mar 2008)
Extended usage:
"There Will Be Blood and Musical Chairs" Stu Hackel's NYT hockey blog "Slap Shot"
Turn of phrase:
"There Will Be Floods" Alex Prud'homme on continuing levee breaches in the New Orleans area.
"There Will Be Extravagance" Janet Maslin on Bryan Burrough’s book about Texas oil money (Feb 2009)
"There Will Be Bagels" Jennifer Lee in the New York Times on the availability of bagels in Utah.

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