Saturday, May 10, 2008

Google Trends Screensaver for Mac OSX

Every hour Google Labs determines the fastest rising search terms entered in the United States. The result is a fascinating snapshot of the national zeitgeist.

Google makes this data available on its Google Labs site. I thought it would make an interesting screensaver, so I have created a process on the BureauFive server that fetches the top search trends every hour and publishes a feed that is usable by the "RSS Visualizer" screensaver that ships with Macintosh OS X.

You can run this screensaver on your Mac by entering the RSS feed address below in your RSS Visualizer's "Feed URL" box.

Be sure to remove leading and trailing spaces when you copy-paste this URL in the "Feed URL" box (see below).

Then just click "Done".


Narek said...

This a cool thingy thanks

George said...

Where do I get an RSS Visualizer? Is there a widget on Facebook or Picasa or Annoyicon?

mac cowell said...

Wow, awesome! And you're working on a spam zeitgeist feed as well? Cool!

We should work on a better visualization tool than the default quartz composer rss visualizer...